About Us


Welcome to our Ice Nuggets site. We are a family that loves entertaining, cooking and crafting beverages. And, you guess it – ice is an important ingredient in having a great party!

Mia and I met when we were kids in alpine skiing. Both of our parents were ski patrols. Two summers after we first met, I had the good fortune to be invited by Mia’s parents (now my parents-in-law) to fly with them and Mia to Hawaii to visit Mia’s grandparents. It was in that memorable trip, I first discovered shave ice – and I love it ever since! Yes, you guess it – we are also fans of slushes and nugget ice since we were kids, and now our two kids share the same love for this soft-chew ice treat.

Come to think of it, both Mia and I always have affinities for snow and ice, and cool vibes.


We created this site to share our recipes to make fun and delicious ice beverages, and we realized there is a bit of money to make in a reader-support site, to be honest.

We’ve tried all types of ice makers over the years, so we had a pretty good knowledge base already. Coupled with our friends always asking us for advice, so we decided to make this cool site and add a new review every time we try a new product for our friends or family members.

Every ice maker we feature on this site is either a model we have used or we have researched thoroughly. We hope it will save you time to find an ice machine that meets your needs or fancy.

Thank you for visiting with us.

Ted and Mia Burrell