Ice Maker Troubleshooting


(Problems and Solutions)

If you are having issues your ice machine, you can try to fish out what it wrong and fix it without much help. There are some basic hacks that you can try out to make it work again before calling for expertise repair.

However, ensure to turn off the unit and refrigerator and water supply line before trying to check out what went wrong.

Below are some of the probable problems that you might encounter using an ice machine and what to do to get it running:

Ice Maker Troubleshooting

My ice maker has stopped working – Ice Maker Troubleshooting

If an ice maker that used to work suddenly stops working, it might be due to any of the following reasons:

  • The ice bin is full: A lot of ice makers feature an automated function that enables the ice machine to automatically pause its ice making process once the ice bin is full. Ensure to check if the pause feature has been enabled and if it has, disenable it.
  • The water line filter is clogged: Ice makers feature a water supply line that helps to transport water to the machine for making ice. Once the water supply line is blocked, water won’t be transported to the unit and that translates to no ice cubes. Ensure that the water line is not blocked by any object or substance and if it is, remove or flush the line with warm water.
  • Filter is clogged: Another problem that can interfere with the ice making process of a machine is the issue of clogged filters. When the water filter is blocked by debris, the ice machine won’t work. Run the filter over with warm water.

My ice maker is not making ice

If you have tried all the solutions proffered above, but the ice machine is still not working, it might be an issue of a frozen water line. When the water line is frozen, the machine would be able to make ice.

Here is what to do, locate the frozen line, switch off the water line, unplug the refrigerator and melt the frozen water line.

  • My ice maker is not making much ice: It might also be an issue of a frozen line, follow the procedure above to defrost the waterline.
  • My ice maker is frozen: If your ice maker is frozen, ensure that your thermostat is correctly set, when the thermostat is set to an extremely low temperature, it might cause water to freeze in the ice machine before it makes it to the mold.
  • My ice maker is leaking: If your ice maker is leaking into the freezer, it might lead to a rapid melting of ice. When the reservoir is too filled up, water can also seep into the ice basket, also leading to rapid melting of ice. To resolve the issue, ensure that your water reservoir or water supply line is in good shapes, check for points of leakages. Also ensure that your ice unit and refrigerator is levelled.

Final Words

If your ice machine is still not working even after trying all of the troubleshooting steps highlighted above, then you might want to see a technician for professional help.