How to Clean an Ice Maker – 10 Easy Steps


Anything part of a machine that is in constant touch with water is most likely to go slimy or grow moldy. For an ice machine, it is especially dangerous as it can contaminate the water and subsequently the ice cubes leading to a bad smell, strange taste, and cloudy appearance of ice cubes. This is why it is very important to clean the ice machine on a routine basis.

Also, improper maintenance of an ice machine can cause it to break down easily and affect its overall working efficiency. That said, the regular cleaning of an ice machine is an exercise that should be taken as important.

Cleaning an ice machine is not difficult, on the contrary, it is easy if you know how to do it and that is the objective of this article.

How to Clean an Ice Maker

Step-by-step Procedure on How to Clean an Ice Maker

Step 1- Get your cleaning materials ready

The materials that you would be needing to clean your ice machine include soft clothing or napkin, a toothbrush, a medium-sized spoon, a nickel free cleaner, and warm water.

Step 2 – Unplug the Unit

The next step is to detach the unit from the power source. It is dangerous to clean an ice machine while it is connected to power as it can cause electric shock.

Step 3 – Drain water remains and empty leftover ice

Also, ensure to drain the remains of the water in the reservoir and discard the remaining ice in the machine before commencing cleaning.

Step 4 – Detach the parts of the ice machine that needs to be cleaned

Remove ice scoops, ice bin, filter, and other removable parts of the machine for separate and thorough cleaning. Cleaning them in place might not be a good idea.

Step 5 – Clean the detached parts

Using soft clothing dipped in warm water already mixed with the cleaning agent, clean the detached parts thoroughly.

For the filter, clean with a toothbrush for a thorough cleaning effect. You can also add a little bit of vinegar for a better cleaning effect.

Step 6 – Clean the inner part of the machine

The next step is to clean the inner part of the machine. While cleaning, ensure to make use of both the cleaning napkin and toothbrush where necessary.

You could also add a disinfectant for thorough cleaning.

Step 7 – Rinse with warm water

Next up, Rinse the internal and external parts of the machine with warm water.

Step 8 – Fix the detached parts of the ice maker

Return the removed parts of the ice maker to their place.

Step 9 – Mop dry with dry clothing and allow to dry

The next step is to mop the cleaned surfaces of the ice maker with a clean soft clothing and allow the machine to air dry before using it again.

Step 10 – Test-run the ice machine and discard the first round of ice

After cleaning, rinsing, and fixing all the detached parts in place, the next step is to put the machine to work and make your first batch of ice.

Please note that the first round of ice should be discarded.

Final Step – Start making ice!

After all is said and done, your ice machine is all set to meet your daily ice needs!