Buying Guide – find the right ice maker to meet your needs


There are over 40 brands of ice makers on the market today, how do you choose the right ice machine for your needs?

  • First you want to figure out where you want to house the unit. Is it for your home bar, a countertop in your kitchen, or your recreation vehicle?
  • You want durability and reliability of course.
  • Are you concerned about energy efficiency? What’s your budget?

To save you time in your research and evaluation, please check out our buying guide, and our top-rated ice makers in each of the category below. Have fun shopping for the one that meets your needs.

Buying guide and Top-Rated Ice Makers


Ice Maker for Home Bar

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Portable ice maker for RV

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Ice makers for Outdoors

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Nugget ice makers

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Shave Ice machines

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