Which Portable Ice Maker is the Best – countertop ice makers worth it?


Portable ice makers are great options for making ice, they come in compact sizes and a variety of designs. One of the major advantages of using a portable ice maker is that they do not need to be connected to a water line as they feature a water reservoir that has to be manually filled with water to get it running.

However, like every other appliance, there are different portable ice maker models with varying features. How do you know which portable ice maker is the best from a thousand and one options?

We have made a highlight of the major features that would need to look out for to get the best portable ice maker:

Which Portable Ice Maker Is The Best

Do Countertop Ice Makers Worth It?

  • Compact size: One of the characteristics of a portable ice maker is its compact size. The portable ice maker should be portable enough not to occupy too much space on your countertop and kept away from reach when not in use. It should also be light enough to carry on trips and RVs.
  • Ice Production: A good portable or maker should work fast enough to make at least 9 to 12 ice cubes in one batch within 6 to 7 minutes or less. This quantity of ice should be enough to serve 1-3 people conveniently. Also, the portable ice maker should be able to satisfy your daily ice needs conveniently.
  • The shape of the Ice: Different ice makers produce different shapes of ice, from crescent-shaped ice to bullet-shaped ice and nugget ice. To get the best one, you have to determine the type of ice that you need. Most portable ice makers also make nugget ice which is light and crispy enough to chew easily. Portable nugget ice makers also have the advantage of using less energy.
  • Mesh Filter: The best portable ice maker should also feature a mesh filter that would help to prevent particles and dirt from getting into your ice while keeping the ice machine clean and fit to make good quality ice. Mesh filters help the machine to last longer and work even more efficiently. Changing the mean filter at least once a year is required for best performance.
  • Drain Plug: A good portable ice maker should feature an underside drain plug to aid easy cleaning and overall maintenance of the ice machine. The drain plug which is usually located at the base would help to let off the unused water left in the machine after you are done making ice.
  • Indicator Lights and Transparent Lids: Portable ice makers with transparent lids have the advantage of letting you monitor ice production via its see-through lid without opening it.

Also, the portable ice maker should feature indicator lights that notify you when the ice basket is full, and when the reservoir is empty.


Choosing the best portable ice maker is an option that is peculiar to each person. A lot of portable ice maker options possess all of these features, and this should not make you confused.

As long as it possesses these basic features, you can choose the one that meets your ice needs and suits you the most.