About Mia Burrell, co-founder of IceNuggets


Welcome to Ice Nuggets. I am Mia, a mother of two young kids with my husband Ted, and a part-time estate planning attorney. Our boy Tommy is five and our girl Kristen will be three in two months.

We are a family passionate about hiking, camping, cooking and entertaining. We love making healthy treats (like our homemade snow cone syrup without dye) for our kids, and crafting fun beverages (our island slushes) for our adult friends.

Ted and I met when we were kids while skiing in Lake Tahoe. Both of our parents were ski patrols. Yes, you can say we were childhood ski-mates before becoming high-school sweethearts.

We have been making trips to Hawaii as long as I can remember. The earlier visits to my grandparents, and my folks nowadays. As you know, shave ice is a special treat from the Big Island. I think that’s where Ted and I first developed our love for this fluffy snowy treat.

We have tried all types of ice makers over the years. We are confident to say that we have pretty good knowledge about crafting ice. So, we launch this ice nuggets site to share our ice recipes, ice maker reviews, and make a few pretty pennies as a reader-supported site.

Every ice maker we feature on this site is either a model we have used or we have researched thoroughly. We hope it will save you time to find an ice machine that meets your needs.

Thank you for visiting with us.

Mia Burrell