About Ted Burrell founder of Ice Nuggets


Hi, I am Ted – the good fortune guy who got to meet Mia on a blue-sky day in the Alpine some twenty years ago. We started from ski-mates as kids to backpackers throughout Europe after high-school, to working for rival law firms – and that’s just the first-part of our incredible journey.

Funny it may sound, soft chew ice was what brought Mia and me together from the beginning.

We are now parents to two young children, Tommy and Kristen who also like shave ice.

We also love entertaining and handcrafted beverages. Let me tell you – good ice contributes significantly to the taste of your drinks.

We have tried all types of ice makers over the years. Plus our friends always seek our advice before they buy their ice machines. So, we decided to launch this ice nuggets site to share reviews, recipes and pretty much everything about ice. Mia says, this reader-support site is to help us start saving college funds for our kids.

So, if you’re looking for an ice maker to step up the taste of your beverages or ice treats, a good quick way is to invest in a high-quality ice machine. Which premium ice maker? Let our reviews help you find the right one to fit your life style of entertainment. And, get ready to receive high praise for the next beverage you craft for your friend.

Thank you for visiting with us.

Ted Burrell